Company Creed

  • Attention to detail

    Big or small, every job is done perfectly. We use premium materials on all tasks to give life-long satisfaction.
  • After sales support

    We stand by our work. If you have any concern about the job afterwards, we always respond. Your satisfaction is our Job One.
  • Winter specialists

    We have the right equipment and the right team to work in almost any weather. If you're concerned about the health of your roof now, call us and we'll show you how the winter is no obstacle.

Our Details

Blue Star Roofing
12863 Northup Way Bellevue, WA 98005
Tel: (425)-455-5881

Customer Testimonials

  • I was amazed at how quickly Blue Star got my entire roof finished, even in the winter. We sprang a major leak on the old roof years after it needed to be replaced.

    - Matt Keating

  • I'd recommend these guys any day. Their attention to detail was amazing.

    - Amanda Roth

  • The blue roof people were recommended to me by a friend. What a great job they did. I could see the layers going on, and was impressed with how well the undercover stuff was done. I feel very confident they did an excellent job. The price was good too, coz we opted to do it in January. Clean-up was very good too. Every evening, the yard was cleared of material so we could get our home back while the work was going on.

    - F. Shuregrave

  • We were very happy with the final result. It was freezing the week we got it done, and it was wrapped up in four days. highly recommend these guys and the best price we found for the work and materials we wanted.

    - Ferenc Doyle