How long does a re-roofing project (roof replacement) take in the autumn weather? ( I live in Bellevue)

How long does a re-roofing project (roof replacement) take in the autumn weather? ( I live in Bellevue)

How long does a re-roofing project (roof replacement) take in the autumn weather? ( I live in Bellevue)

For the typical Bellevue home, a roof replacement project can be done, theoretically, in a single day, but there usually isn’t the need for such a rush job, and there are many reasons to stretch it out over several days or longer. It’s actually not a function, necessarily, of the size of the house because for a really big roof on a equally big house, you could in essence, have several crews working on the same home, and the size of the house means they’re not bumping into each other.

Take several days to replace a roof is a safer option

Any construction related project can quickly become a safety concern when people are rushing. It’s all great to be insured and everything, but the best safety measure is never to be in a rush. As an aside, every time I want to drive somewhere, I make sure I have plenty of time to get there early. I never want to be exceeding the speed limit simply to get to an appointment on time. As my father often said, it’s better to be ten minutes late than dead on time. If your crew finish early, great! But you always want them to have plenty of time.

If a problem surfaces, you might need to adjust the schedule

Some roof problems are not fully obvious until you remove one or more of the top layers. If, for example, you have removed the old shakes and discarded them only to discover that huge sections of the plywood under that is rotten with water damage, you will need to adjust the plan now to allow you to replace the bad plywood, then proceed where you left off. If you have twenty people working on the roof in an attempt to complete the job in one day, you now have twenty people who are potentially sitting idle until the damage is repaired. Having the work stretched over a few days allows you some flexibility. You might even have a half day ‘buffer’ time between the removal of the old shakes and the installation of the new. That way, if you discover a problem, you may have enough time – that afternoon and into the evening – to fix the underlying problem before the crew returns. Perhaps, alternatively, you could finish the ‘removal of the old’ on a Friday. If then you have a problem to address before continuing, you have the weekend try to remedy it.

Enough time to remove the refuse, and deliver the new roofing materials

Most houses in the suburbs don’t have an infinite amount of space. Aside from the trucks you or your roofing company will need throughout the project, you will also need space of the dumpster while you fill it will the discarded roofing materials. Once that stage of the project is completed, there may be a little time required to get it hauled away. At the same time, you’re going to need to accept delivery of the new roofing materials, which can often take up a surprising amount of space. Several pallets of roofing tiles, plywood and waterproof layers can take up the same space as several cars. You will also want them to be reasonably near the point of use. Every piece of material has to be physically carried from that drop-off point to the side of the house, up a ladder, and across the roof. I don’t know how many I personally could carry, but it seems like a lot of work. Having the deliver dropped off right in your driveway sounds like a very good idea indeed. And having the dumpster there, in the same spot, would have saved time too. That means the project is very definitely, in effect, two projects, not one.

Enough time to complete the roofing job makes it safer for the homeowners, too

Accidents happen. Well, as they say in the motor vehicle driving schools, accidents don’t happen; collisions do. While kids are off at school, you don’t have to worry about a slate sliding off the roof and hitting one of them. You can make sure each of the crew always wears a hard hat. But beyond school hours, it’s not reasonable to expect a homeowner to be completely understanding of the real risks of what is essentially a construction zone. It’s expensive to fence off an entire house, or to completely avoid every conceivable accident, but as you work into the evening on your rush re-roofing project, the combination of rushed work, diminishing visibility, and more homeowners’ children playing around that construction zone increases the chance of an accident.

The profession of ‘roofer’ is considered one of the most arduous, physical labor jobs out there. I, personally, spend most of the day in front of a computer screen. It’s pretty safe, not having to haul tiles up a ladder over and over again. I can only imagine how tired I would get if I had to do such physical labor more than a few hours a day. It makes good sense for a roofing company management to be very aware of the work load of the staff they supervise. With the homeowners’ children away from the house while its roof is being replace, those same workers can focus on the job, not on the children or pets underneath it.

Remember, too, that each roof is different. Each roof replacement job is unique. In a small portion of the cases, a roof replacement project does not come up with any surprises. Usually, the job goes as planned, and on schedule, but once in a while, something is discovered that absolutely needs to be addressed. If there is big water damage under what was discarded tiles, that needs to be completed in its entirely before the new roofing materials are installed. Often, too, it becomes a health issue. In many such moisture problems, the issue has been around for a while. Damp, moisture problems tend to invite a mold problem to take hold. That, in turn, affects the breathing air quality in the home, and all of this is especially true in the Pacific Northwest.

Check back next week.

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