How should I prepare for a roof replacement company to re-roof my house in Kirkland, WA?

How should I prepare for a roof replacement company to re-roof my house in Kirkland, WA?

How should I prepare for a roof replacement company to re-roof my house in Kirkland, WA?

I am going on the assumption that you are hiring a roofing company to do that actual work of replacing your roof, and not doing the work yourself.

Make your appointment well ahead of time

Roofing companies, like house painting companies, have a much easier time getting the job done when the weather is warm and dry. Still, such a company cannot stop work every time it rains in Seattle, or they’d lose half the typical summer here, but they do prefer to fill their order book well in advance of the summer months. And most companies can, when necessary, work in bad summer weather, in all but an absolute downpour.

Booking the time to get your roof done well ahead of time sometimes gives you a bit of a discount. It helps the roofing company to plan their workforce spread across the summer months. it’s easier for them to do that than to staff-up for a last minute project. That can be a bargaining chip for you.

Clean up your driveway, access to roof, and street parking space

Every roofing company has serious vehicles they use to get tools, equipment, materials and workers to what they call the job site (your house). If they have to park down the street because you have taken up all the space, the job will take longer.

Use traffic cones ahead of time to tell everyone not to park in front of your house for the expected period of time the roofing project will take place. Most people are decent enough and they will accommodate you. They also know their vehicle might get damaged if there’s work going on around it, or that it might be blocked in.

If you have garbage bins, travel trailers, cars, and miscellaneous containers around your house, move what you can away from the house, and give the roofing team plenty of space for ladders, trucks, and especially for their trash container into which all the old shakes or other materials will be put.

don’t leave your own vehicle in your driveway. It might get blocked in, and cause a pause in the project because you have to go pick up your latte, and the roofer has to come down to move his truck out of your way.

Support the roofing company by offering to erect sign

It always helps a company to be able to tell passers by that they are working on the roof. Anyone in the neighborhood who sees the work being done might be inspired to do likewise, and your roofing company will always appreciate such ‘free’ marketing you can help them with.

Take before-during-after pictures of the roofing project

Take lots of before, during and after the project photos. You can use these in a number of ways, in addition to your own posterity and interest.

Writing a review of your roofing company

I recommend to everyone I know to become a constructive Yelp and Google reviewer, and in particularly using the Yelp website (or app). If you haven’t already done so, I recommend you use Yelp to review restaurants you’ve eaten at, hairdressers you’ve been to, cafés, even every Starbucks you visit. Remember to keep your review constructive, bearing in mind that even the best employee has the odd bad day and an occasional mis-step, and if you write a stinging review of an establishment because you’re having a bad day, you can really injure someone’s career.

Becoming a regular reviewer on Yelp gives each and every review your write more credibility. Come time to write a review for your roofing company, your review of their work carries some weight in the Yelp community. In fact, before the roofing project begins, mention to your contractor that you can help them after the project. This is a great incentive for your roofing company, and it is worth a lot to them. It also helps you in many other ways.

Make sure water and a bathroom is accessible to the workers

If you can’t be there to help out during the day, make sure at least you leave water outside for them. Leave it in the shade, and let them obviously know where it is. This simple gesture will help them stay safe and hydrated. If even for purely selfish reasons, they’ll do a better job if they don’t get dehydrated up there on your roof.

Recommend staying away from the house during the roofing project

Not everyone is in a position to do this, but a roofing company will always appreciate it if they don’t have to worry about family members wandering around by the house while the work is being done. A shake tile, falling from a roof, can seriously injure or even kill someone below. Of course, they have procedures for making sure that is unlikely to happen, but there’s nothing like keeping people away from what would be described as a hard hat area.

Ideally, be on vacation if you can. If you’ve ever been inside a house while the roof is being replaced, you’ll definitely want to plan a vacation the next time it happens. And if you have a young baby who might need to sleep during the day, you’ll understand quickly!

Consider negotiating a neighborhood deal

It’s not uncommon that a group of homes will need new roofs at approximately the same time. It’s also great for the value of the neighborhood if everyone’s roof retains the same look, so I recommend you pass the word on your project. Neighbors also appreciate the work you’ve done in selecting a reputable and experienced roofer.

If a roofer knows he has the chance to get extra business on your street, he might offer a discount for the money he’s saving my not having to advertise as much. If you have a neighborhood group or community meeting, pass the word along well ahead of the time. You might be surprised. A house painting company I know painted all but one house on a street with several dozen houses on it.

Come back next week for more!

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