I live in Bothell. What should I do before the roofing company arrives to replace my roof?

I live in Bothell. What should I do before the roofing company arrives to replace my roof?

I live in Bothell. What should I do before the roofing company arrives to replace my roof?

Your roofing company will probably alert you to everything they need, but some other actions you can take will help you protect your property, and maintain the safety of your family.

Move your cars away from the house

It has happened before. People lock their cars in their garage, only to find they are completely blocked in when the roofing company uses the driveway to pile the roofing materials and/or the waste container to hold all of the old roofing materials. Not only is it a good idea not to place your needed vehicles in your garage, but keep them well away from your house. Your roofer will appreciate the extra space, and your vehicles will be protected from any accidental fall ig roofing materials. Not have the owner’s (you) cars to worry about, a roofing company can proceed, focused on getting the job done.

Consider moving family away for the few days

If you’ve ever tried to do work on your home and at the same time mind your children, you’ll understand just how dangerous it can be. Either you’re distracted from child care – putting your children at risk – or you are not doing a great job of the project you are working on. When roofers are at your home, they will want to focus on getting the job done, not on always having to look over their shoulders to see if a child is close by.

The same, and more, could be said about pets. Some pet dogs are territorial, meaning they will take exception to any person working on your property. You can lock them inside (your dogs, I mean) where they will likely bark all day long at the noise they hear on the roof. Not good for you, and not good for the dog. It’s better to pack everyone up for the day, and return after the roofers have done their work for that day.

There’s another safety issue. As the old roofing materials are being stripped away, it’s likely there will be a lot of dust in the air. Frayed and worn out roofing materials will likely throw off a lot of unhealthy dust. It’s not something you want you or your kids to be inhaling. Return to your home after the workers are finished their job for the day. Better for everyone!

Clear the area of toys, and other objects

Make it easy for your roofing company to go a great job. When they show up on the first day, they won’t want to move any of your stuff lying around your house. This is a good time to do a basic tidy up of your yard. Remove anything that may present an obstruction. If they need access to your attic – as roofers often do – make sure there is a path clear for the to get easy access to the attic as needed.

Make it a memorable experience for the roofers

If you want to make an impression, consider leaving a cooler filled with ice and cans or bottles of water. One of the biggest causes of injury during a roofing project is dehydration. If you leave plenty of water for them to drink during the day, they will certainly appreciate it and they will remember you as a favorite customer. Then when you have to make a call six months later if there is an issue needing to be repaired, you will be remembered with great fondness. And besides, a hydrated worker is more capable of doing a good job, and won’t have to skip off to the store to quench their thirst in the middle of the project.

Tell your neighbors the roofing project is coming up

With the arrival of a waste container, and then the new roofing materials, not to mention all the noise for a few days, a re-roofing project is a disturbance for everyone. But, if everyone in your neighborhood knows it is imminent, they will have some time to prepare for it. They will also have the chance to move their car a little further from your house while the project is going on.

Ask your roofing company what they need

Finally, be sure to ask your roofing company if they have any other requirements. Each home is unique, and depending on yours, they might have some special requirements, perhaps related to a steep roof, an awkward driveway or trees positioned over the house in a way that makes the roofing project challenging.

See you next week.

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