Re-Roofing in Kirkland

Re-Roofing in Kirkland

Roofing Warranties

A manufacturers warranty on roofing materials will give you an idea of your roof’s expected lifetime. Twenty years is a likely minimum, but a longer-lasting roof is typically a better investment. Some roofs come with a guarantee against fungus and algae, which may be useful in our typically wet climate. Yet, this guarantee may be limited to only 10 years. 

Blue Star Roofing: Your Re-roofing Specialist

We can help you to weigh the costs and benefits of re-roofing with a longer-lasting roof (or not) when yours needs replacement. Blue Star Roofing is here for you. We carefully attend to our clients in the Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah and Shoreline areas of Washington.

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