The roof of my house lost a few shingles in a storm. Can i just nail a few in to replace them?

The roof of my house lost a few shingles in a storm. Can i just nail a few in to replace them?

The roof of my house lost a few shingles in a storm. Can i just nail a few in to replace them?

The short answer is No. Roof nails are a certain type, and you need a proper roof nail gun to use them. That's because they pierce a layer of PVC, which means they must produce a water seal despite that. Regular nails will not perform that function.

Here is more information on the subject, gleaned from the web:

You can work longer and finish faster.The depth adjustment is tool-free and so accurate that there’s no need to adjust the compressor. Varone said, when the roof also serves as a terrace and is covered with tile or brick.

Ed – I’ve never heard of or seen anything called ‘wind nailing’. All of these things contribute to making long jobs more bearable. This shelf creates a flat roof area at the roof’s perimeter. It also means picking boards with grain structures that aren’t likely to split, twist, warp or bow as it endures being alternately rained on and baked by the sun.

Nails exposed to weather will always be vulnerable to corrosion—the product of a chemical reaction called oxidation-reduction. Turn a dial and you’re done. If they allow this, no problem.

Another relatively new product, he said, is a roof membrane that already has the adhesive applied to it. The special cap filter prevents dust and debris from damaging the inside of the motor and even has a self-cleaning feature to expel anything that it collected.

While locating the entry point of a leak from its exit point is not always possible, the problem is magnified, Mr. It would be nice if all roofing jobs were done during warm, dry months but that isn’t always the case. The most durable versions are hot-dipped (labeled HD) because they're coated with molten zinc. The labor is the same and the additional cost is negligible, but the difference in how long your fascia lasts is substantial.

''Basically, you apply the membrane by pouring it on and spreading it out with a squeegee,'' Mr. While good quality guns shouldn’t jam often, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to deal with one eventually. ''It's a peel-and-stick kind of thing,'' he said. You will need longer nails when installing ridge slates over vent material. The head matches the texture of the wood, and you can drive the nail flush without splitting the surrounding material. If each row is not offset correctly, water may enter the system. The roofer has not cooperated with me. This is something to keep in mind especially if you are investing a lot of money in your purchase.SafetySafety is always important when you’re working with power tools, but the fact that you’re using this particular tool on a roof adds an extra element of danger and requires special attention.One small thing that actually makes a big different is rubber grips. With that in mind, here are some other things you should consider.DurabilityThis is especially important if you’re a contractor because you want a tool that will last. Take care in asking for clarification, commenting, and answering. I’m thinking your home inspector is correct, but it would ultimately come down to the manufacturer’s specs. Make sure you nailer can handle at least a little bit of water and won’t freeze up in the cold.Obviously, the more things you can do with you roofing nailer, the better a buy it will be. During light rains and morning dew water seeps under the roof system and deteriorates the perimeter decking sub-fascia board and fascia board. IKO and other manufacturers of asphalt shingles give specific instructions on how to fasten shingles, and they’re all pretty much the same. If a shingle is high nailed will it be harder for the shingle to seal properly?

Climb onto the roof and lay a second strip of tar paper above the first strip, overlapping it by about 5 inches. Obviously, you’ll be using it for roofing, but in what capacity? Are you just doing the roof of your shed or addition to your house? Or are you a contractor who’s going to be doing countless roofing jobs with your nailer? While a budget roofing nailer might get you through one or two small jobs, it’s likely not going to be enough to take on job after job after job. Since this Bonita Springs roof system is not a flat roof, the perimeter flashings are not designed to allow for sitting water. Also, if the ell flashing cannot be cleaned or has too many old fastener holes in it, the entire flashings detail area may need to be replaced.

If you are nailing into time-hardened studs, live near the sea, or just want the extra insurance of a rustless nail, use stainless steel nails. Not that much of an issue if using ice and water shield (ohh, sticky!) rather than tarpaper/felt ;^) – Ecnerwal May 26 '15 at 1:46

Based outside Atlanta, Ga., Shala Munroe has been writing and copy editing since 1995. Use a sequential mode when you can and always wear protective gear, especially safety glasses.ExtrasThere are a few things that don’t really affect your nailer’s performance but are just nice to have:A case. I have had continued problems with a large area that was nailed by a particular man using a pneumatic nail gun. The way Tiles work is by their overlapping design. Take care in asking for clarification, commenting, and answering. The grips actually help prevent the nailer from sliding and getting away from you, possibly falling. Have a simple way to clear a jam helps lower your frustration and get back to work quicker.ConclusionWhile all of the roofing nailers we reviewed are excellent, we have to recommend the Hitachi NV45AB2 as our favourite. Roofing nail should have a barbed shank until the head which eliminates nail pops, blow offs and roof leaks. She earned a BA in communications from Jacksonville State University.

Standard shingles (without the SureNail strip) should be hand nailed. Although they’re all pretty lightweight, you should feel like you’re holding a tough piece of equipment when you pick it up.Some nailers will come with added features to protect them from wear and tear, like filters to keep dust and debris out of the motor or wear plates to protect from abrasion. While you should never work on a roof when it’s pouring down rain, it’s likely your roofing nailer will be exposed to some precipitation. Here is my question. This flat roof is an excellent and economical choice for an addition. Eventually, even galvanized nails rust, but the process takes longer. It gives you a place to keep your gun when you’re not using it, even if it’s just somewhere to keep it nice and dry at the end of the work day until you come back to use it the next day.Directional Exhaust. It’s carbide tipped nose helps with accuracy and it’s light enough to use with one hand.If this Hitachi isn’t the one you’ve been looking for, use our buyer’s guide and reviews to find the one that is. Tack it firmly in place. A fall can irreparably damage your tool but it also a huge safety risk to anyone in the area below.Unfortunately, foot and hand injuries are common around nail guns. This lightweight roofing nailer is only 5.2 pounds and, combined with the rubber grip, it’s easy to hold onto. A large nail head and heavier shank gauge provide greater holding power. Make sure you nailer can handle at least a little bit of water and won’t freeze up in the cold.

Ell flashing bridges the transition from the roof’s surface and a wall or upright surface such as a curb. It’s weatherproofed so you can use it even when the sun isn’t shining plus it’s lightweight with a nice rubber grip so you won’t have to deal with extreme muscle fatigue. It would be nice if all roofing jobs were done during warm, dry months but that isn’t always the case. The roof is GAF Timberline HD Prestique 30. This will require 6 nails per shingle to achieve a wind rating of 130 mph. Here in South Florida, that means selecting boards that come from the heartwood of cedar or cypress. There are a few factors to consider when thinking about durability.MaterialBecause they are designed to be used outdoors, most roof nailers are designed to be able to withstand some exposure to the elements. A lot of the shingles were high nailed. All nails must be corrosion resistant; for example galvanized by various processes, aluminium, copper or stainless steel.

This homeowner hired a roofer to replace rotten fascia boards and wrap them in aluminum for added protection. Check out our Code of Conduct.

Nail the vent material to the furring strips. When installed correctly, they do “shed” water. Find out exactly what shingles you have and get the installation instructions from the manufacturer. Check out our Code of Conduct.

The MAX CN445R3 SuperRoofer nailer is an underappreciated tool. However, if installed on a flat roof, they would allow massive seepage. Beginning her career at newspapers such as the "Marietta Daily Journal" and the "Atlanta Business Chronicle," she most recently worked in communications and management for several nonprofit organizations before purchasing a flower shop in 2006. Install ridge slates and flashings in the same manner as installing slate hips, except ridge joints should be caulked. The people who love it gush about it, which is why we’re including in our reviews. Then the nail's iron ions, which have lost their electrons, react with water to form iron oxide solids, the rust that you see. In the presence of water, steel gives up electrons to oxygen in the air. To help maneuver the nailer around better, the tangle free swivel fitting lets the air hose swivel so you’re less bogged down by it. A flat roof can be connected to the existing slope roof of the house and gives a very contemporary look to the newly added space.Read more

For cedar, redwood, or pressure-treated wood, a 8d x 2 3/8 stainless steel nail is excellent for face nailing. The nose is tar resistant and lasts longer than most other models and, when it does get gummed up, the contact foot is easily removed so you can clean or replace it/The magnetized nose holds the last nail in the chamber so you lower the risk of jamming the gun and know when to change the coil. They’re typically constructed of aluminum and steel so they’re highly durable.ConstructionIt might sound silly, but you can generally tell how solid a roofing nailer is just by how it feels. I’ve had multiple blow offs since installation. This is one of those things that you don’t realize is great until you use it. It’s even more likely that you’ll need to use it during colder months. Overlap the seams by 5 inches, and alternate the seams as you move up the roof so they don't line up, similar to how you adjust seams when laying hardwood.

A roofing nail should have a minimum nominal shank diameter of 12 gauge, 2,67 mm, and a minimum head diameter of 9,5 mm. Tingir said. Continue overlapping strips up each side of the roof, leaving the peaks uncovered.

Tip If your rolls of tar paper aren't long enough to cover the length of the roof, use more than one strip to make a line across. Also, there is a greater chance for nails to blow through shingles from a nail gun if they are not engineered with the SureNail strip.

One of the most common defects with asphalt shingles is improper nailing. It’s even more likely that you’ll need to use it during colder months. These spread the load over a much larger area. Electro-coated nails are cheaper, but the galvanizing is visibly thinner.

''If you have a wood roof, the Fire Department won't let you bring a kettle up to the roof,'' he said, referring to the machine used to melt hot-applied asphalt materials. We’ve given you a wide range of options, one of them is sure to fit the bill.Other nailers that might interest youFraming nail gunsBrad nail gunsPalm nail gunsPin nail gunsFlooring nail gunsFinish nail guns. Ell flashing has not been sealed properly and the shingles are pealing back from the flashing allowing seepage. ''And once you distribute it, you unroll reinforcing fleece over it and then go over the fleece with a roller to make sure it absorbs the liquid.'' Once that is done, he said, another layer of liquid membrane is applied on top of the fleece material.

Weatherproofing is something else to keep in mind. This stair step design also has a vertical component to it. This extreme roof shingle has it all: an exclusive architectural look and feel, an impressive minimum slope, a wide range of roof shapes, extreme safety for your house,..

How to connect a flat roof to a shingle roof?Monday, 10 July, 2017 - 15:22When coming across a renovation project nowadays, you often see people choosing for a flat roof construction . In this case, 2.5 inch copper roofing nails were used.

Developed by a local manufacturer, Dan’s Customer Sheet metal, a new-patented metal anchor ridge cap flashing was designed to increase the wind uplift of cap tiles. ''You prime the surface and then directly adhere the roll to the deck and go over it with a 75-pound roller.''

New contributor Randy is a new contributor to this site. New membrane may need to be installed in this area. Like the proverbial sacrificial lamb, the zinc corrodes first, sparing the steel. Tile ridge anchors are now required in all tile installations.

Cambridge Xtreme 9.5° is the best choice when it comes to a perfect architectural shingles roof . That's a plus if you decide to use the nails with tongue-and-groove Douglas fir porch flooring.

Speaking of nailing, make sure your contractor uses either stainless steel or old fashioned, hot-dipped galvanized nails. Unless your local hardware store handles marine hardware, you won't run out and bag sizable stainless steel nails on a Saturday morning. ''You have to put the kettle on the street and them pump the hot asphalt to the roof.''

Handpick each wood fascia board and make sure it's from a species of wood that's naturally decay resistant. This can be correctly by removing the area and installing mastic sealant correctly. Galvanizing stems the corrosion process by protecting steel nails in a coating of zinc. While you should never work on a roof when it’s pouring down rain, it’s likely your roofing nailer will be exposed to some precipitation. Ahearn said, in many cases it is necessary to remove all of the topping material -- whether bricks, pavers, tile or even wood -- to get down to the roof membrane.

Tiles are not a waterproofing material. If the shingles are nailed high how common is it for wind to break the seal. As the previous layer is covered by the next it creates a stair step water shed design, disallowing seepage. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Jared A., Columbus, Ohio)

In fact, Mr. Having a hard plastic storage case is always a good thing. The better your roofing nailer is made, the longer it will last.VersatilityThere are two things to consider when it comes to versatility. This Immokalee roof does not have the proper offset and was installed “line on line”, allowing water to travel under the system.

answered Jan 23 at 16:46 RandyRandy 111 New contributor Randy is a new contributor to this site. This can be resealed as a temporary fix, but should be replaced for a more perminate measure.

How to buy a roofing nailerBefore buying a roofing nailer, it’s important to determine what you’ll be using it for. Being able to keep the debris and air out of your face makes your work a lot more enjoyable.Tool-less depth adjustment. After the major hurricanes a few years ago everyone learned the vulnerability of tile roofs at the high and ridge areas. On other words, would the shingle, although initially sealed, be more apt to lift from winds, say 40 to 50 mph? Here is another question. While you may not get results that are as accurate as a manual adjustment, some of the top nailers have developed tool-less adjusters that are actually pretty right on.Jam clearing. Near the coast, salty air speeds up the process.

@FiascoLabs They reduce the amount of tearing if the underlayment is exposed to wind before it's fully shingled - with just nails, the heads much more easily tear right through. It’s designed to be fast and accurate while still being straightforward and user friendly. More penetrations into the roof deck will weaken the shingles over time due to thermal expansion and contraction. Still, stainless steel nails are worth ordering because they never corrode.

Often associated with gutter installation and plumb fascia boards, perimeter drip edge flashings can create a shelf or ledge about three inches from the roofs edge. Unfortunately, some roofers don’t seem to pay a lot of attention to these instructions. That is why we want to highlight the two most common nailing defects with shingles: overdriven nails and improperly located nails.

I have a “new” home that was built in Spring 2008. However, increasing the amount of fasteners per shingle also increases the amount of deck penetrations. First, can you use the nailer for anything other than roofing? You will be able to find some that offer attachments that allow you to use them for other outdoor tasks such as putting up siding.Second, what materials can you use your roofing nailer on? Some are very versatile and will allow you to use them on waterproof tar paper and asphalt and fiberglass shingles as well as vinyl and aluminum siding.Weatherproofing is something else to keep in mind. Not only will these help make the nailer easier to hold and control, they also provide some friction when placed on a slanted roof.

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